Reasons To Believe

Directed by Ben Fama Jr.
Produced be Mesa Fama
Documentary; 63 min

Reasons To Believe is a thought-provoking documentary by filmmaker Ben Fama Jr., that explores the psychology and science of belief and why we believe, sometimes falsely, in things that may not match up with reality.

Facilitated by leaders in the fields of science, philosophy, neuroscience, moral reasoning, psychology, perception, memory formation, and indoctrination, these experts answer a variety of thought provoking questions and provide tangible structure to the definition and creation of belief in the human brain. Fama asks the question: Why do we believe?

Starring Michael Shermer, Peter Boghossian, Jennifer Whitson, Caleb Lack and Chad Woodruff.

A Virus Called Fear

Directed by Ben Fama Jr.
Produced by Mesa Fama
Documentary; 20min

A Virus Called Fear is a documentary that explores the psychological and societal effects of fear and how it can be used to manipulate and control people. The film examines the role of the media in spreading fear, as well as the ways in which religion and social groups can exploit fear for their own gain.

The documentary also looks at the history of fear and how it has shaped human behavior and decision-making throughout the ages. It discusses how fear can be a natural and adaptive response to danger, but also how it can become irrational and destructive when it is exacerbated or manipulated by outside forces.

Throughout the film, experts and scholars offer insights and analysis on the psychology of fear and how it impacts individuals and society. 

A Virus Called Fear is a thought-provoking and informative exploration of the power of fear and its impact on human behavior.

Starring Richard Dawkins, Christine Dargon and Karly Way