Ben Fama Jr. is a distinguished filmmaker and versatile multimedia artist hailing from the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has garnered widespread acclaim for his extensive contributions to the creative realm, excelling as a videographer, music producer, and news photographer.

Throughout his illustrious career, Fama has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary flair for storytelling and artistic innovation, earning accolades as an award-winning filmmaker. His notable achievements include the critically acclaimed films "Reasons To Believe" and "A Virus Called Fear," both prominently featured at prestigious festivals and televised events.

Beyond his prowess in filmmaking, Fama has etched his name as a highly sought-after freelance news videographer, captivating audiences with his perceptive eye for visual storytelling.

With a rich artistic history spanning over two decades, Fama's progressive ambient music project, Seventh of March, and his abstract ambient endeavor, Echocharge, serve as compelling showcases of his versatility and pioneering spirit as an electronic music producer and visual artist.

Rooted in the vibrant Las Vegas scene, Fama's artistic journey spans over 30 years, and his exceptional talents have consistently commanded attention on revered platforms, cementing his status as a respected luminary in the industry. Noteworthy collaborations with distinguished entities like the Law and Crime cable network, local Las Vegas television station KVVU Fox 5, and membership in the pro-division of the Stringr company underline his commitment to exploring fresh opportunities and expanding his remarkable portfolio.

Fama is at the helm of his own production company, Fama Media Productions, and presides over the news gathering company IHCT News, where he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.