Seventh of March

Seventh of March is project by music producer Ben Fama Jr. that specializes in the creation of alternative ambient music that offers listeners an unparalleled aural experience.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical genres, including electronic, ambient, and post-rock, Seventh of March's distinctive sound is characterized by its mesmerizing textures, lavish harmonies, and edgy synths. His music embodies a sense of mental transcendence, compelling listeners to become fully immersed in his sonic odyssey.


Echocharge is an enigmatic electronic ambient music producer and abstract artist renowned for his unique blend of experimental long-form compositions and visually captivating abstract videos. 

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences, Echocharge merges layers of sonic melodic landscapes, intricately woven textures, and subtle rhythms, resulting in a truly immersive auditory experience that transcends conventional genres.

In parallel to his music, Echocharge's abstract art and video works serve as a captivating visual counterpart to his mutliphonic audio creations. Through a mastery of shapes, colors, and movement, Echocharge's visual art seeks to evoke emotions and provoke contemplation, offering a multisensory experience.

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional music and visual art, Echocharge continues to forge a path of innovation and exploration. By enveloping audiences in an experience that cracks through the limitations of the tangible world, Echocharge leaves an indelible imprint in the minds of those fortunate enough to witness his artistic vision.