An Open Letter To The Pseudoscientific Community in Sedona


Sedona is very well known for it's beautiful landscapes, great art scene, and it's luxury resorts.

It's also know as the unofficial new age capital of the world.  Which usually draws people from different belief systems,, many from spiritual or new age from all over the world.

But there is another community that exist here, that turns to alternative medicine and pseudoscicne as forms of medical solutions.

It seems very clear to me that there are many people, especially in this town, who don't have a clear understanding of science, or how it works.  They will ridicule and make false statements about science, all while will supporting and defending dangerous, non-science based modalities that can actually get people killed.

People, this is irresponsible, and this is dangerous. 

This isn't an exaggeration. There are countless stories of people who have lost their lives because of listening to unqualified naturopaths. 

And you know what their response is? Shit on science. Distract the conversation to Big Pharma.

People, most scientists are aware of the problems with Big Pharma. And most scientist are aware of problems with replication studies.

That is the point of science. To weed out bad ideas. The only reason you know about ANY of it is because of the scientists and the process of science.

If you are going to point out the problems that are already known in science, how come you don't do that with alternative medicine?

In fact, the biggest danger is that they don't use science at all. In fact, they don't self correct, they don't fact check thier stuff, and they even go as far as covering up or protecting each other when they do serious harm or kill someone.

People, this isn't a game. We aren't telling you this because it's fun, or just to start shit. This is a very serious problem, and in this town, the mentality of some people are mind blowing.

Not only are they not able to understand the dangers they could be causing, but if you even try to say anything, they have to run to the people and friends that have to confirm thier dangerous biases in order to somehow keep themselves in their collective bubble.

Worse yet, they want to get upset at you as if you were doing something evil or terrible. I call bullshit.

People, if protecting people's lives or being upset that people are being taken advantage of with unproven or unscientific methods, especially those that makes claims to reality is evil, you have a completely distorted perception of reality.

I really can't trust people who think this way. This seems to be a greater under lying problem in this society.

Be very, very, very careful who you listen to. Some of these people may be well intentioned, but I promise you, they are not correct in their assessment of naturopathy.

Pointing the finger in another direction to deflect the serious consequences of this bullshit is dangerous and unacceptable. 

Please, for christ sakes, talk to an actual qualified professional about your medical conditions. And never listen to people who think they understand shit about science, but refuse to use proper science in their own process.

This is your fucking life. If you aren't willing to listen to the people who are actually looking out for your best interest, then you are on you own.

But don't get pissed off when we call these people out on their bullshit.