The Last Thing We Need is Another Church


I follow a lot of thought leaders out there and lot of blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels, especially in the business space.  You don't have to go very far before you come across some thought leader or individual who will invoke some spiritual or religious reference in their quest to find "meaning" or "purpose" in life.

So it really wasn't a surprise when I came across this video on the Entrepreneur YouTube channel that I subscribe to (which is really great by the way) where an interview on "How To Discover Your Life  Purpose" turned into another excuse to promote another church.

There is this illusion in society, that somehow religion and churches are going to create some sort of value in our society anymore.  Despite the fact that there are a lot of problems with religion, some that create more harm than good, the reality is the world can actually do with less churches and more education and science.

In fact, we don't need more churches;. We need more critical thinkers, scientists, and creatives in the world who can solve problems and progress our understanding of the challenges we face on this planet.

Nothing has giving us a better understating of the world than science and nothing has advanced us in solving real world problems either.  We need more people who value the truth and have a willingness to ask hard questions.  We need people who are serious about moving forward, who have a genuine curiosity to what the nature of reality is, and who are ready to move past outdated belief systems.

Magic isn't going to get us anywhere.

It always sounds comfortable and cozy to inflict religion and church as some made up moral value to society, but the reality is, that we are finding more and more that those beliefs and ways of thinking about religion are not required, much less needed, to live a better life.

It's just on outdated perception that no longer holds any real weight anymore.  What matters is the ability to find new ways to seek out the things that actually make our lives better.  What we need are people who aren't afraid to ask bigger questions.  Who value knowledge and science. Who aren't afraid to change their mind and figure out ways to really make the world a better place without diluting themselves into magic thinking.

I know this is a sacred cow that some are afraid to face, and many people are not ready to face it. This is why it's even more important to call upon those who aren't afraid of letting go of outdated ideas, and to find better ways of solving problems.  It will be with these people that we truly learn to make the world a better place.  It will be with these thinkers, these creatives, these thought leaders, that the true progress of our understanding of ourselves, the the world, and the universe will come from.

Instead of wasting money and time on outdated institutions of magical thinking, maybe it's time we valued the things that can make our lives truly better.  Hopefully there are those out there with a purpose to their lives that find just as much passion in reality and real world approaches, that value science and knowledge.  That their purpose to life isn't based upon magical thinking, but a passion to understand how things really work and to really solve problems.

Ben Fama Jr.