Why Hillary Clinton Might Destroy Donald Trump in the Debates

Sometimes I hate predictions.  For the same reasons I hate psychics.  Sometimes they are unreliable and can change just by tweaking a few variables, and making a completely different outcome. 

With that said, I am going to make a prediction.  One I could be completely wrong about, but feel confident in. Hillary will destroy Trump in the debates.  Why?

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime in politics.  She has come across these types of scenarios, and very few times does anyone throw her off her game.  She has spent a lifetime arguing with people, a lifetime fighting for things she believes in, and a lifetime understanding this shitty game of politics.  She plays in the big boys game, against the big boys, and still comes out swinging.

Trump, on the other hand, plays in the big league, but takes too many uncalculated risks, sometimes at the expense of his own ego.  He has a hard time hearing that he is wrong, which sometimes costs him critical decisions.  His weakness is his ego, his wanting to be right, and not dealing with the pressure when he is wrong.  He cracks under pressure.

Hillary, if she is smart, will use this her advantage.  She will continue to apply pressure on his in inability to be firm on decisions, the inability to be wrong, and the ego being crushed.  She is lethal in standing up to bullies, and can take punch.  I know a lot of people may not like her, but you got to give her credit for holding so many punches and not cracking.  Doesn’t mean she is perfect, and doesn’t mean she doesn’t make some really shitty mistakes.  Of course she does. She is human.

There are too many vulnerable weaknesses that can be attacked at Trump, whose ego is more important than what is best. This is why you are seeing him slowly cracking under the pressure.  The flip-flopping, the change of tone.  When reality starts sinking into Trump, he will do what he does best: over compensate.

We have seen time and time again this classic tragedy. A person who will crack under this type of pressure, is not firm on his decisions, and is incapable of thinking logically, will always expose his weakness.

There is nothing wrong with having a weakness. We are all human.  But if you aren’t aware of it, and you think that you can over compensate them with power, you’ll find that history always proves you wrong.  Hillary, if she truly is smart, knows this.

Trump does not truly understand what he is getting into.  But only if Hillary is on her game can she do this.  Only if she has a strategy and understands this.  Only if she can play full court press and get him to crack can she do this.  You have to be relentless on a bully. You have to expose the problems and dangers of illogical and irrational thinking.  Not because you just want to win a to war or be right, but  because the consequences are dire for not doing so. People have an emotional attachment to this man. 

They have a complete cognitive bias to him, and refuse to see or hear facts when presented to them.  He has manipulated people’s emotions and are blindsided by him.  So you have to create doubt, real doubt, in their heads.  Because there are real doubts.  There are real signs of his inability to govern, his inability to make decisions, and his inability to think critically.  These are real issues that are important to address.

In the end, if after all that, the American public is not aware of this, and they still choose to go down this dark path for our country, then it is much worse than any of us even imagined.  It’s something that our country will look back as some of the darkest times for our democracy.

We will see.  We will see if anything I predict will be true.  Or, if I am not any better than any psychic out their making random bullshit predictions.  Who knows what variables I am not thinking of? (Maybe put Gary Johsnon in the debates. Just saying).