Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum (Or Bullshit Scientology Propaganda)

My wife and I had a chance to visit Los Angeles a few days ago to interview Associate Professor Jennifer Whitson from UCLA for our upcoming documentary film about beliefs.  While we were there, we decided to go check out a museum that makes claims about the "harm" in the field of psychiatry.  I wasn't about to leave until I saw this place.  Most people know that this is just a Scientology propaganda museum posing as a "human rights" organization.  But we wanted to see for ourselves what all the madness was about.

As soon as we arrived, I noticed on the front door that there were no cameras of any kind allowed for video or photos.  Hmmm, what could they be hiding? This was going to be fun.

We walked inside and were greeted by two people that gave us an overview of the tour we were about to experience and the many documentaries showcased throughout.  We signed their guest list and headed into the first room to start the tour.

The first room we entered was, no joke, a padded cell, in which there were benches to watch a movie on a big screen.  Brilliant people.  Nice "psycho" mind-fuck to start out the tour.  I already knew the video would be some bullshit, so we waited until it started.  Of course, I was correct, as it showed a bunch of nightmare stories of the psychiatry field and people all fucked up from meds and shit.  You know, typical Scientology propaganda.  Once the predictable movie finished, we headed into the next room that was layed out like a mixture of a haunted house and museum.  

There were artifacts from over a hundred years ago with the objects and crazy gadgets we used to use on people in the field of psychiatry to patients.  This isn't any secret; we didn't know what we did today, and we have made a lot of mistakes.  Of course these assholes would love to capitalize on it.  Most of the rooms were like this; showing the evils of the field and showing systems we don't even use any more, with a bunch of screens to show some more bullshit talking about them.

We even entered a room where it tried to correlate psychiatry and Hitler together to explain eugenics.  Always some mother fucker trying to correlate Hitler.  Wonder if these guys took some notes from their playbook. We continued on this warped maze of more shit, until we entered a mock classroom where a video was playing that tried to explain that most of the mass shootings in schools were linked to the kids being on prescription medication.  For fuck sakes.  These guys really push hard to make shit up.

It went on like this, with other parts talking about famous people dying because of psychiatry and medical doctors locked up.  It was just room after room of straight bullshit, or distorted information to make you feel scared and, like most belief systems, uses fear to fuck with your mind.

They even had a room with a glass case of all the prescription medications that are out there, and they even had what appeared to be a dead persons head in a jar.

This place was a fucking disgrace, and it only shows the lengths these assholes will go to brainwash people into believing this bullshit.  What was really sad is that I thought about the real problems we face as a society with mental illness, and how much work we need to do.  People like this just make our lives worse, and provide no real value to helping solve any of our problems, or help to understand mental illness.  Instead, they want you to believe, with enough money, that some aliens can be taken out of your body after a series of sessions with some imaginary electronic device. (If you haven't seen Alex Gibney's Film: Going Clear about Scientology, you need to check it out.)

This is the problem with so called "religions" like Scientology.  They hinder our progress and have to either tell lies or distort truths in order for people to follow them.  Then you get some asshole like Tom Cruise to get on TV and parrot what they say.

The only real death I saw in that museum is the death of intelligent thinking.  Maybe one day there will be a museum of the "Industry of People Who Distorted Dumbshit."  Maybe one day we will look back at this time like we do previous generations and asked, "Why the hell did they believe that?"  Hopefully we won't be banging our own heads in padded cells waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison Of Belief - The HBO Special
Starring Paul Haggis, Jason Beghe, Lawrence Wright, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
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