The Rising Cult of the AntiScience Community

The following was an opinion piece I wrote on message board here in Sedona, AZ recently and decided to post it here:

There is a rising cult in our country from people who think they can be armchair loudmouths about being "antiscience". I see a lot of people in this community (Sedona, AZ) who seem to do the same thing. It's okay to have an opposing point of view, even in science; the ideas are brutally challenged and tested. This helps weed out the bad ideas from the good ones. And there are a lot of bad ideas. 

But there are people who claim to know "facts" about things, yet do not provide credible evidence to support them that are becoming a growing concern in this country. Especially in this community. They don't understand something as basic as credible evidence. They don't know what peer-reviewed journals are, they don't understand that science is a process.

Yet they walk about and try to pretend as of they do, saying ridiculous shit like "Well, I just don't trust scientists" or "That isn't credible evidence."

Really? So how the fuck did we get to where we are with advancements in technology, medicine and innovations? You think your computer just magically appeared? You think that you are living longer because of some voodoo spell put on you?

We are living in a day an age where we know more about the Law of Attraction than we do actual science. We live in a day an age where Quantum Physics has become a religion.

We were able to understand that oracles did not dictate wars, and that the sun was not a God. We knew rain dances didn't make the rains, and that virgins don't need to be sacrificed.

Yet, we still hold on to dear life these other outdated and mystical ideas in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one of our discoveries are going to revert back to some supernatural or mystical cause.

But as time goes by, the God of the gaps gets smaller and smaller. The pseudoscientists like Deepak Chopra get proven wrong, over and over.

So if the world wants a new "awakening", when are we gong to awaken from this sleep we are in right now?

Instead of listening to people who claim to channel aliens like Bashar and Ramhta, how about we use science as a way to find out if life is actually out there?

Instead of going to a psychic who uses cold readings to convince you of your future, how about finding out how the world actually works so you can live the life you want and have the relationships you want?

We need to ween ourselves off of these bad ideas, and outgrow our want to believe into a want to know attitude. But sitting here criticizing things that have made your life, and my life better isn't going to make a damn bit of difference, and it's not going to gain any real credence in our society after a while.

Can you imagine if we were still fighting to prove that the sun God Ra was real? Can you imagine if we still sacrificed goats for our crops?

So why don't we wake up?

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