Chains of Fear are Stupid as Fuck

There are chains, in everyone's minds, that stops us from moving forward with our lives. We all have them, whether we realize or not.

The question is, why it's so hard for some of us to break free from these mental chains. It doesn't matter if you are trying to be a better mom or build a successful company. It doesn't matter if you trying to find love or lose weight. It doesn't matter if you are fighting against bad ideas or outdated thinking.

The question is, why don't some of us wish to break free from these chains? Is it fear? Is it the fear of change?

Maybe the shit I says scares people. It's not like I don't have my own set of fears and anxieties about life and the world. Maybe that is why I am so passionate about breaking free from them.

You don't have to listen to me. What the fuck do I know? I am just one dude on this planet, trying to survive like you.

But like you, I see the problems and the need to solve these problems. That is what we do. But so few of us take that leap.

I am guilty of not taking that leap too, so I am not just pointing a finger. It's me who's trying to understand why shit is this way, even for myself.

So much is changing in the world, but so many people are fearing these much needed changes. Maybe gay marriage scares people. Maybe the slow death of religion worries people. Maybe we have never seen the world like this.

But fear can only get us so far. Fear is what drove us to come out of the jungles, and fear can be a motivating force. but you cannot consume yourself with fear to the point of being paralyzed by it.

Change is the only thing that stays the same. We have all heard the damn cliche's. But few of us apply them.

Until one day we wake up and realize our lives are gone. Until we realize there was no turning back, when we reached the point of no return. When we said "I wish I would have done that..."

No you can't fix the world. But there are things, even in your own life, you know you want to fix. So what stops you? What stops me? In the end...

It's just fear.

What are some fears that keep you chained?