Is Freethinking and Skepticism a Revolutionary Act?

There is an old saying that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  So when it comes to questioning belief systems whether they are religious in nature, or conspiracy theories, it flies in the face of conventional thinking that maybe these systems could be wrong. It takes a person with a strong mental ability to sift through all the misinformation that is out there and to find out what is the core truth and what is not.

What you are up against is a sea of people who have grown attached to an emotional state to these ideas. A mental chemical dependency, no different than drugs, sex, or gambling. When you try to present the facts against their beliefs, they will reject them at all costs.  Its like that scene in the Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo about the woman in the red dress; that some people are not ready to wake up from the Matrix.

The same could be true when it comes to our society at large.  Many people are not ready to detach themselves from thousands of years of emotional attachment to these ideas, no matter how bad or wrong they are.  They will cherry pick and fight to preserve them, and ignore essential facts that would threaten their worldview, no matter how wrong it is.  It takes endurance and patience to see through these perceptions and to hold strong and fight for what is right.

Every revolution is about change and questioning the status quo. There are those who will fight you to maintain that system at all cost.  It’s because there is an underlying fear in us humans that holds us hostage and wants desperately to be certain in an uncertain world.

Being a freethinker and skeptic allows you to push past emotional blackmailing and critically think about the information that is out there.  There will be those who try to hijack skepticism (for example climate deniers) in the attempt to seem scientific in their thinking, all while cherry picking evidence and using many common fallacies to prove a point.

Religious leaders will tug at the heart strings of it’s followers by manipulating their emotions, so that it short-circuits the logic centers in the brain. They are not generating their world view by critically thinking, but by abusing our animal instincts. They will do what ever it takes to stay addicted to those feelings, at any cost.

Conspiracy theorist will try and seek patterns where there are none.  Just like religion, they are trying to find certainty in an uncertain world. When people feel out of control, they will turn to these systems in order to find a solution to their problems.  They will think there was some “inside job” on 9/11 or that we are being poisoned by chemtrails.  They will call you a paid “shill” when you present facts to disprove their argument, (which I think is pretty fucking stupid since most of us don’t get paid for this shit).  Anything to make the fear go away, they will do.

But the greatest way to conquer fear, is to face it.  It takes a revolutionary act to stand up to fear and understand the true way the system works.  As long as we sit on the sidelines and not question these beliefs, the more we fall trap to them.  We have to be warriors of the mind and fight these bad ideas with critical thinking,  We have to not be afraid of being socially excluded because the “group” is blinded by reality.  We must stand up for what we believe in, and progress in our ideas, and not be locked in prisons of our belief systems. It is the next greatest revolutionary act.  Are you ready to be a part of it?