Understanding the Illusion of Certainty

The illusion of certainty.  The anxiety you experience in your life is based upon uncertainty and the unknown.  Yet we know more now than we ever have.  But there will always be a level of uncertainty that we will have to deal with.  I believe most systems of politics, religion, spirituality and civilization were created as a way to lessen uncertainty.  Yet in the mix of that, we may have created even more uncertainty.   How does this effect you?

Your life and body is a survival machine.  The things you are going to do in your life and think are going to create a level of either stress (discomfort) or a level of satisfaction (comfort) in order to survive.

You might read my posts, and perceive a severe level of discomfort in the challenging of things I say.  Yet there have always been people throughout time that made others uncomfortable for challenging the status quo.  Even if you don't agree with what I say, look at the discomforts that hold you back and keep you in a "perceived" state of comfort.  At which point is staying in your "comfort" zone now making you uncomfortable?

This is the system we have been dealing with for thousands of years.  It effects every decision you make, whether raising your kids, buying a cup of coffee, being a in relationship, voting for a political group, or even believing in a faith.  The systems of decisions and beliefs you have effect your perception about the world, and the way it operates.

The truth is, there is more to this life that we cannot control, than what we can.  Most ancient traditions and faiths have tried to tell us sometimes it is, what it is.  The Beatles said "Let It Be."

Maybe those really are words of wisdom.  While we cannot always just let everything be, our responses to the stresses and the world may be how we respond to them.  As we are aware of what we cannot control, we can accept and lessen our anxieties about them.

I think the rise in anxiety and depression in this world may come from partly our increase feeling of being out of control.  It's like the more we try to understand the world, the more we climb a mountain, a bigger mountain appears.

We have always fought for power and control in this world.  But the reality is that every moment is fleeting and changing.  We have done our best to control it, but like every great empire, we find the same tools that built the illusion also destroy that illusion of control.

Sometimes I feel letting go of spirituality and religion is a huge first step in that acceptance.  Maybe not of everyone right now.  I don't think we are that advanced in thinking yet.  Maybe we will never be.

But understanding why we have these systems in the first place, and what draws us to these ideologies is a good first step.