The Power of Being Wrong About Your Beliefs

My, how much has changed in such a short period of time. It's amazing to look back on your beliefs and see how far you've come when you've challenged them. It really was't that long ago when I saw my worldview much diffrent than I do today.  It's amazing how much I have learned.  I want to present to you a blog I wrote in 2011 called "Wake The Fuck Up.  And Tell Your Friends."  This is when I still considered my self a "spiritual" person.  Although now I don't hold these beliefs, I just want to show the world that it is okay to be wrong, and that there is a power in being wrong, to find truth, and change what you believe about it.  So here is my rant about a "spiritual awakening":

This is going to sound a little blunt, but the gig is up. You are going to have to face it soon or later, so we might as well face it now.

So far in most of my notes I have been writing, I have been doing the best I can to slowly wake people up from a Matrix, without freaking them out or thinking I am crazy.  I am trying to let you know what a lot of us already know.  I don't like invoking fear to make a point, so I do my best to not do so.  But if you saw a young child sitting on the railroad tracks, and you knew a train was going to hit her, what would you do?

So pay attention, because we as a human race cannot be ignorant during these times. 

You are about to witness some of the greatest changes humans has ever faced on this planet, and some of you may not even be aware of it.  But you see it now. Actually, I know some of you feel it now.

I was watching an animation a facebook freind of mine posted about the banking system in America, and what it has done to us.  I realized that we have now had to resolved to cartoons to explain the serious things going on in the world right now.  

Yet, some people still sit dead silenced watching stupid fucking American Idol shows, and running there asses into the ground, refusing to wake up.  

People are so dead locked in there head, they think everything they know to be true is real and all there is.

I am here to tell you it's not.  That's my job.  I can't be held accountable for people who don't want to wake up.  I honestly don't have time for the ones who don't get it. 

So what happens when you wake up, and start seeing this change?

It is no coincedence that the events in the world are happening right now just by random luck.

There is a reason that the mideast is up in Revolutions.  Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Etc.

There is a reason that the animals are dying by the millions.

There is a reason America will see it's first revolution, and the banking systems will try to control it.

There is a reason there is chaos.

There is a reason the weather is changing and tornaodoes, hurrincanes, global warming, and even the crazy whether we are experiencing is happening.

And you know what I am talking about.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  This motherfucker is going to start talking about end of days.  He's going to go off on a religous rant. Far from it.  And I apologize if I say that even Religion will change in enough time.

But if my goal is to just scare you, than I have failed at my job.  

I am not a prophet.  I am not inclined to know exactly what the future holds.  But everytime I have doubted myself in the last few years, I have been shown that I have been right.

That the illusion that we call the Matrix is slowly cracking, and some people are not going to take it well at first.  It's like being on an acid trip, and losing control.

At first, it's going to create chaos.  It's going to appear to be the end of the world, like most prophecies said.  That's because we as humans don't like our reality being taken away from us.

Everywhere you turn, you'll see more and more "Signs" that point closer to these coming about.  People are going to be angrier and angrier.  More violence might hit the streets.  Crazy weather patterns.

But what we are experiencing is a frequency shift on the planet.

Does this necassarily mean it's dooms day, end of the world?

No, at it is the "reaction" to the frequency shift.  Yes, this might cause, and is probably causing all these events at this moment now.

So what is causing this frequency shift?  Hmmmm, good question, and I wanna know too.

I think if we really broke down major thinkers in there respective feilds, we would actually show what it is that we are not actually seeing.

But the funny thing is, that is already happening.  The pinnacle of scientific inquiry is sounding so much like spirituality, that I realize the gap is getting closer and closer.  In fact, the evidence it so blunt about things, that I am having a hard time trying to figure why the average person doesn't feel it or see it.

So that's my job, is to show you.

So how do I show you what you can't see?  Why would you believe me anyway? 

You are already set in your reality. What makes my think I can show you the code?

In all reality, while this sounds doom and gloom, it's actually some of the best kick ass shit that humans have been trying to tell us for so damn long.

I don't need to start a Religion for you to see it.  I am sure if you are Religious, your faith is telling you I am being like the Anti-Christ.

I promise you I am not the Anti-Christ.  I don't need power.  I don't want to control you either.  I want you to know that I understand your faith, no matter what it is.

I am just a man.  

What religion needs to see is that it has the right concepts of meaning, but it has the wrong interpretation of it.

I do want to tread lightly here, because I understand how strong faith is to people.  I know that I will be attacked, but know that if you choose to not see why I say this, it's okay.  I don't need to spread anymore fear than that is already generated.

But I do want to challenge you to a question.  If you woke up one day and found that your Religion, no matter what it was, was an interpretation for something else, would you be able to know the truth?

Because your Religion is not invalid.  It's the fear that is.  Your prayers are valid systems.  Your ability to care, have compassion, be a better person are valid systems.  There is a reason for this.

But your Religion, no matter what it is, is locking you in a box of fear to think outside it.  Yet you have the right idea.  God is a much bigger concept that what any book can concieve it.

Now, I can feel anyone Religous is probably very angry with me.  So here's what I want you to do.  I have studied a lot of Faiths, and a lot of Religions.

I realize these are guides to truth, so I won't claim that I am the only one who knows truth.  If I am wrong, than I apologize with all my heart.

All I want you to do is to find the common things your faith has with other faiths.  Not to see who has the better faith.  Let's make this simple.

Just make a list of all the positive characteristics your faith has, and the one's that other ones do.  What do you find that you have in common?  What is a list of things, what do they have to say that are similar?

How much of our lives are truly lived by "combined" teachings of all faiths?  You will see that the things that Religions have in common, are the things that Religion and sometimes people do the least.

We can easily say what's wrong with all Religions, but what's right, what are we missing in humans that we can't find the commonality?  It's there, I promise if you just look.

Put your prejudice aside, just to see what you have in common, and see if you see a reason why they exist in all Religions.  You don't have to believe in there God.  Just see if you see an underlying message.

That same message lies within all people, whether they know it or not.  They have just become so disconnected, that we don't see it.

Peace, Love, Understanding and Compassion.  

So what are the paths to getting to God that you find are the same?

The war of Science and Religion is coming to an end.

Both are going to find that they are coming together, and they are going to find out they were always supposed too.  Both camps are going to see the world through new eyes, and both are not going to want to.

But they have too.  It is inevidentable.  It's the duality of life.  It's the Yin and Yang.

Spirituality and Science are one in the same.

Believe me, I have restled with this fact for a very long time.  But the evidence is become more and more clear.  And those who refuse to see it, will not understand it till they do.

So here's what I ask.  

Just pay attention to your heart and your mind.  It is so important at this critical phase of human existence.

If you choose to not believe anything I say, that is okay.  But please do me a favor, no matter what you believe in.

No matter if you are Christain, Catholic, Muslim, New Age, Buddist, Hindu, or what ever you believe in, please ask your God or your Higher Power for guidance and understanding during this time in our planet

If what you believe is true, you will find truth.  You will be presented with truth.  You will see these fear based systems that exist for humans truly do no exist, for only in our mind do we make this reality real.

Even if you don't believe in God, your thoughts are powerful enough to create change, even if it just starts with yourself.

And that is the true shift in Frequency we are going through.

This is my theory:

We will attempt to overthrow every fear based system that exists, and in turn this will appear to be the end of the world.  Those who live in fear, will be affected by it the most.

But the truth is it's not the end of the world, it's a lesson, and the lesson is we will be tested to our core until we truly understand the concept of love, peace, compassion, and understanding.  We will learn that we cannot spread fear to make people learn this.

This is the true path of enlightenment, you already know everything you need to know.  What ever you feel about life has led you to these moments for a reason.

It will appear at first that man is just going to destroy itself, and there is no hope.  And I won't say that I will rule this out.  But the test is to truly overcome fear, which has created a system that has distorted all of us from the reality that truly exists.

It's going to take every person to stop spreading fear for this to happen.

If any one of your faiths proves that what I am saying is incorrect, and your faith prophecies are true, that I will respect that I wrong.  The last thing I want to do is lead you away from any truth.  Especially if I am wrong about it.

But if what I am saying ends up being true, and the concept you have of God was not the actual concept that is God, and that there isn't some man sitting in a chair judging us,  would you give up your beliefs of what you think is God, in order truly understand why we think there is a God?

We don't live in a Godless Universe as far as I am concerned, but I do think that what Religion will find that there interpretation of what is trying be said is actually deeper than they realize, and we have disconnected from that.

And science will find that the system of mathematics only applies to what we percieve to be real, and will have to come to terms that this isn't a cold random variable of events.

Science is going to prove to itself, like it's doing now, that it is only explaining HOW the system works, but not why.  But they have to explain why, because what ever mathematical formula you come up with MUST explain how I am aware of all of this.  

Because you too believe what Religion believes, but you are not aware of it.  How?

You, like Religion, believe that we can from a single source.

You, like Religion, make light itself the law, and that it's existence is one of the most important key factors that governs us.

You, like Religion, admit that energy never dies, and recycled throughout the universe.

You, like Religion, say that through Psychology, we must over come the ego

You, like Religion, are trying to find a reason why and how things are the way you are.

But you Science also know you have hit a very critical point.  You have studied to death the existence of everything we percieve to actually exists, including matter, forces, mass, gravity.

You have zoomed down to the farthest atoms and beyond, and have found that the world is much more crazy that you have ever know, and you too know that your newest and brightest theories sound like New Age hype.

Time travel?  Quantum Entanglment?  Wormholes?  You know as well as I do, that your science has led you to a very very very difficult corner.

How can you prove ANYTHING exists?  You said yourself that science is a measure of certainity, and the ability to reproduce it time and time again, and make changes if your wrong.

So now that you have gotten to the point you can only guess the PROBABILTY of something existing, how the fuck do you explain everything that we see?

If at the smallest levels of quantum physics, there is 99% space, you theorize that everything is "Feilds", and that the frequency of those fields is how we see what we see.

Hmmmm, so when how do you measure that?  Actually speaking of measuring,  if everything I ever see, feel, touch etc can only exist when I observe it (particles), and when I don't it's not there (waves), how am I not think that the only things that exist are only the things I observe?

In fact science, you have made me the spiritual person I am today.  I walked away from Spirutality in order to find truth, and you have started to prove that Spiritualty is more and more true.  In fact you are starting to prove it more than Religion is!

So where's your formula for the conscience mind?

The thing I laugh at is that only those of us smart enough to see through the duality can see the truth.  And believe me, I am still in my infancy in learning truth, but at least I am not blind.

I don't know if or when the blinders are going to start coming off on people, or if I will even see it in my lifetime.  But if you percieve that when you watch a 3D movie that somehow you are seeing 3D, well, why the hell do you think this life is any different?

When you take off the glasses, let me know.   Let me know what you see.  When you stop seeing how crazy I sound, you start seeing how crazy everything else really is.

As you can see, things were very different for me then.  The question is, what changed and why?