The Deep Seated Fear of What We Cannot Control

While it may seem like many atheists and freethinkers are angry, the deep frustration of understanding things that other people either do not want to know, do not know, or claim that they do but do not want to change their minds, can become a big reason for frustrations to boil over to what appears to be anger.  When justifications for harm and injustice are disguised as reasons to accept things that do not justify reality, it gets increasingly difficult not to feel like confronting.  You cannot help but be angry when you see people creating and believing in injustice, while criticizing those fighting and working so hard to understand the world, and trying to make it a better place for us to live.

I don’t think every person who wants to believe in things like God believes injustice and the shit that a lot of the religions tell them is true.  I do believe that there are those who believe that these believes will help them through some of the most difficult and dark time of their lives.  I know, because that is what I thought.  I thought about some of the most intense pain I had in my life, and I thought prayer or a belief would help me through them.  I felt like it was knife in my side that was constantly turning, and that all I wanted was relief from it.  I thought my prayers or my beliefs in things like the law of attraction would help to ease those very critical pains where I thought I could not make it through one more day.

But in the end, after many years of suffering, I realized that it was not to be these prayers or beliefs that would change anything.  It wasn’t for a lack of belief or trying.  It was critically observing and noticing that these beliefs were not the causes or reasons I made it through a lot of that bullshit.  Science gave me better tools to learn and make better decisions about it.

I know what it means to be so desperate for something to believe, that you cannot see any other way to see life or reality.  I am empathetic to those who just truly want answers and think that God or the Law of Attraction are going to give them this.  I see when people turn to psychics for answers in life and talk to mediums to talk to the dead.

The reality is that we as humans turn to systems in order to relieve our discomforts, even if it’s irrational.  Whether it’s drugs, shopping, sex, social media or religion, there is an underlying problem within our human minds that makes us distort reality to the point we don’t even recognize it anymore.

In our deep attempt to control and overcome our suffering, we create stories in our attempt to understand it.  But as we continue to believe these stories, we are blinded to real solutions that could possibly relieve a lot of the process of suffering.

Scientists are not any less of afraid of these things as well.  This is why we work so hard to advance our knowledge about medicine and technology.  Some of it is to make the world a better place and to have better lives.  To lessen suffering. How thankful are we to be able understand things more when we go to a hospital that can actually help us, or that cars are safer than before when we drive.  Of course we still have a lot to do, and it isn’t solving every problem currently.

This creates anxiety in our minds, and when we are the one’s who suffer, and there is no answer, the brain is fighting hard to reconcile that anxiety.  But it doesn’t make it any more true or solve any more of those problems by believing or wishing that these systems are true.

If we are to understand ourselves and suffering, we must first find out why we suffer.  I mean truly why we suffer, not because some outdated religion or philosophy tells us.  What is the core reason why you are afraid?  Why do you think you suffer?  If there really is no God, is there anything you can think of that would be part of a system that causes suffering?  When you dig deep into your own thoughts, you can see the world and it’s systems and see what causes it.  When you become more aware, you start to understand it better, so you can make real decisions that can probably help you more than just leaving it to a system you do not understand like prayer, law of attraction, or psychics.

Science is giving us more answers to this puzzle and we are able to make better decisions if we are aware and educated to do so.  Of course we can transform these into something unproductive and bad if we do not understand our motivations.  But the more you know, the better you are to make decisions to lessen the amount of suffering.  The less suffering we experience, the better our lives can become.  And the better lives others can experience.

But we must understand these systems first.  We must first ask what is truly making us afraid, and what is it that is causing it.  This takes a great deal of strength, courage and honesty, and sometimes that makes us very, very, very uncomfortable.  Letting go of any irrational belief is hard.  Think of how you felt when someone told you Santa Clause wasn’t real.  For some of you it may have hurt a lot.  But looking back it, now, you can understand why the story was told, and you have a better understanding of reality because of it.

The same is true of critically thinking, reasoning, and science.  It might make us uncomfortable, but on the other side of that mountain, we have a better understanding of ourselves and the universe.

With these ideas, we can make our lives better with less suffering and more discovery about what all this is about.  Instead of letting our fears dictate our realities.