What Would It Take To Change My Mind About God?

Photo Credit: explodingdog.com

Photo Credit: explodingdog.com

I often ask people what it would take for them to change their mind about God.  Often times, there isn’t a lot of things that would change their minds.  They think that their beliefs are infallible and aren’t subject to error.  I have even heard people say there would be nothing that changes their mind.  Why is that?  Isn’t it just as important to know things as it is to believe them?  What stops people from not only changing their minds, but getting past their cognitive biases? There is a lot of research on this, but it still makes me wonder.

So what would change my mind?  What would make me go back to believing in God or the things I used to?  Well, I can’t speak for others, but for me these are just a few things that would change my mind, and maybe my mind only:


  1. God could give a mathematical equation or scientific formula that would allow us to harness the energy of the sun to make a cleaner and more sustainable planet.  God would have to know that we are recklessly using resources on this planet, and that the universe has plenty of resources we could use to better run our economy and systems.  In fact he would know this because he used the same systems for certain plants and animals, and we all would not be able to survive without the sun.  If he created this system, he would know how to formulate a sequence that would allow us to harness this power and energy so we don’t need to fight over precious resources or kill the planet like we are doing.
  2. He could go into his own word which is claimed by some to be the Bible, and eliminate all references of suffering and prejudism to minorities, homosexuals, and women.  He would replaces his versus of slavery with those of education.  He would replace the verse of homosexuality with love and about women being servants as leaders.  He would know the importance of knowing how important all minds are in the progress of knowledge and growth. He would would know that love cannot be reflected in fear or hate in any manner, and that people would abuse his words to justify these fears and prejudices in the world.  He would know that a system of love would actually thrive with truly teaching people that your birthplace, gender, sexual orientation or race has no refection on the gift of knowledge you can learn about the world or universe, and that all minds are needed, especially when we speak of love.
  3. He could talk to his people to let them know they are the single most, if not the largest reason, people are turning away from Him.  While there is a lot of scientific evidence that disproves a lot of religious claims, the politics and behaviors of the religious are very big factors. In a world of many ideas and faiths, and blind confusion of life and what we try to learn, He would know that his people are the largest reason a lot of us just don’t believe in Him, and if this is his refection and we are in his image, than not only are we loving , caring, compassionate people, but that we are also cruel, dark, hateful, spiteful, dangerous people who are capable of creating pain, suffering and death.  But that wouldn’t be too far off, because God has also done these things Himself.  Because we are both these things.  Just look around.  This is the human race.  This is God in your eyes.
  4. He would put us in touch with other living intelligent species in this universe, if any exists, to see what they had as an input to what their perspective of the universe and meaning of life would be to see how many data points we really understand.  I am more likely to believe another planet of intelligent beings if they had no connection to Earth, and they too said the Bible or Koran was correct.  Even then, I would still have to ask why the think they know that to be true. But what are those chances?  With billions of galaxies out there, do think any of them would even come close to this same knowledge?  Who knows.  I often wonder if the humans on this planet would even change there mind even then.  As if humans are the most important things in this universe.


When I think of this universe and how small we are, how insignificant we are, how much we do not know, and how much of this universe has nothing, if anything, to do with us, it makes me wonder why God would need this much space and time just for us mortal beings.  These are only a few things that would make me consider that somehow a masterful engineer, creator, artist and guide would show that our beliefs are not reliable evidence in understand Him or Her.  That His message is so completely distorted, and that people are hellbent on making it even more distorted, that it is unrecognizable.

One would have to ask if this would be a reason to believe in God, or that man needed to create a God for his own lack of understanding.  That he would deeply deceive himself and use emotional reasoning because deep down within himself he was just afraid, and afraid to admit it.  Because in the end, this is the real reason we can’t change our minds.  It’s because of fear.  Fear of what we would have to give up, fear of what we do not control, fear of our deaths and fear of what we don’t understand.

But none of us are excluded from this system, and we never have.  Billions of people, and none of us gets out of this fear phase of life.  No person has ever overcome death, yet we tell stories as if there are those who did.  It’s because we cannot control it.  We have a right tot be afraid.  But in the end, what is this fear doing to us?

Are we really living our lives, are we really learning about this system, as complex as it is, and the ability to experience it and help others know truth?  To help us better solve problems by doing so? To better learn how to live our lives?  To know what this universe actually is and how it all came to be?

Or do we want to keep living in our comfort zones, hoping someday our beliefs are going to save us from ourselves and our fears?

Maybe then we will be not afraid to change our minds.