Life is a Strange Experience

Every once in a while, I have to stop and take a look at life and wonder what it is all about.  I don't just mean in the typical sense of meaning and purpose, but in the context of the experience of all the laws of physics and the universe I live in.

Have you ever stopped and just looked around you for a moment?  Have you ever wondered about the system you live in, the laws that govern the universe, the objective reality that shapes your entire life?

If you really take a moment to stop and look around you, it's a strange experience to see all these atoms and bits of information in this formation.  I often wonder what this all is.  Why is there anything here at all and why is it like this?

Being that I have no reason to believe in God, it's even more amazing that the natural universe is in this form and works in this order.  Even something as simple as an ant walking across the sidewalk or a light fixture beaming a signal off an object into my eyes interpreting the color is very amazing.

Yet I have no idea what the actual objective reality is.  My brain interprets my visual signals as color.  My ears can only hear certain frequencies.  Even in the universe I live in, it is a very limited amount of information.

But still fascinating none the less.