Religious Freedom Is Not A Excuse For Ignorance

After the ruling today about Hobby Lobby and their sad excuse for religious freedom, I wanted to ask why we give free passes to ignorance and discrimination to those who cannot demonstrate any validity to their beliefs, versus people who diligently go out to find the evidence to support why this is a harmful practice.

I live in a country where people cry foul about there religous ideology, all the while they shit on everyone else's  progress and understanding of knowledge and intelligence, and actually make the world a better place.

Why is religious freedom more important than other people's freedom?  Why do we value such a narrow-minded world view that has no evidence to support its moral and ethical guidelines than those who actually critically think about the issue to truly make the world a better place?

What about the rest of our fucking freedoms?  What about the knowledge and intellect we have gained by being more critical thinkers, and not living in a back ass world?  Why the fuck do we give exceptions to ignorance at the price of real progress and growth?

We created a reality where we believe corporations are people, and that religion is moral authority based on nothing more than a perception.  Mean while, we have people fighting hard to advance ourselves and understand how to critically solve problems.

Problems that people are either afraid to face or don't give a shit about addressing.

How much of this shit are we willing to tolerate before we start isolating ourselves back into the dark ages?  Who gives a shit enough to fucking take a stand and stop living in isolated delusional bubbles in the sake of comfort and safety?

How much longer will we live in immaturity before we realize that this shit just does not work?  Looking at our government, it looks like a very long time.  With as many people I know who are afraid to critically think about these things, it appears it really doesn't matter right now.