From One Form of Consciousness to Another

As a conscious person living on the only planet known to humans to have it, I often wonder what problems and solutions other conscious beings in the galaxy experience or know.  At this moment, I have no proof or evidence of any other life other than us.  So it is really hard to imagine what the consciousness would even be without knowing the actual data.

But with numbers as large as they are about our universe, it's not unlikely.  Furthermore, there is the possibility that these conscious beings have been around much longer than us.

So let's make a hypothesis.

In a very vast universe, how would we be able to communicate to them, especially in a universe governed by physics that have limits and restricts our capabilities to do so.  Is there something fundamental about the universe that we have not uncovered yet?  If this is a legitimate question, what questions can we ask to reveal these truths?

I have not had an encounter with any other life force other than the one generated on this planet.  So if there is another living consciousnesses out there, I have not heard from them.  So maybe they can't figure these answers out either?

Or maybe there is a different subset of language frequencies that we don't understand.  It's like trying understand Chinese when you speak English.

But how can one make a hypothesis based off of limited information? Even though I cannot understand Chinese, I can prove that it exists.

Could certain languages like math, art, or music give a clue to understanding these languages?  Would other conscious beings also have found these answers after enough observations?  They too would have to be able to formulate these ideas.

Yet we still do not know.  Some claim to know.  Some even claim that these beings channel through them, or visit them, even abduct them.  Some would even say leave graphic designs in our corn fields.  For me, I don't believe most of it.  For if these beings were truly intelligent, how come they never tell us anything we don't already know?

It's not like they are giving us mathematical equations or ideas that could rapidly advance our civilization, to even help understand them.  Communication is very important to every species and living systems, and we can see what the lack of communication does to ourselves and our societies.

I would imagine that an advanced civilization would have to learn advance communication skills to help better understand their information, and better communicate and process the data that they have learned or recieved.

I would imagine that these "scientists" of their civilizations would be able to communicate and talk to our brightest and best minds.  Instead they find people in open farm fields or in some weird ass remote part of the world.

If our own scientists acted this way, because they were afraid what we would do with this information, we would not take them seriously.  Any intelligent life form would know that we have people who are truly trying to discover the nature of our reality and our universe.  

So I guess the same problem could be faced with us.  What if, in our journey to discover the universe, we find intelligent life, and it is not as far as advanced as us?  What if we uncovered a stone age civilization?  Would we interfere with their growth and development?  Or would we understand the importance of self-knowledge to obtain the same growing of intelligence?  

It is really is hard to say.  At what point would we determine it is "safe" to reveal ourselves.  Maybe that is the conundrum that other living species in the universe might have.  Although I would think that there would be a better way to communicate to this species, to let them know how we could help.

Maybe it takes the species and living systems the awareness of the importance of something to understand it.  I wouldn't doubt that language would be some sort of system of love.  Not to sound mushy or esoterical, but you would have to have some sort of understanding of compassion and empathy to not allow yourself to be corrupted or controlled by the knowledge being presented.

You would have to have some sort of frame of mind to advance the society by what is good, because the essence of what is perceived to be bad could destroy the civilization.  Hence, the worst case outcome, and one that would not benefit any party.

So while it is hard to determine if another species knows about us, these are still questions we would need to answer in the future if we ever come across another civilization in the universe.  What is our moral and ethical guidelines for these situations?

Maybe understanding how we could be better at our thinking about this, we can understand what another civilization far advanced than us could be thinking now.

Ben Fama Jr.