Why I Am Freethinker

I know I get into some crazy debates about things, and I think we as atheists get bad reputations, because we know the answers to somethings, and we think that nobody else is thinking about what they believe. We can be real fucking asses, and I know I make this mistake over and over and over again.

I think sometimes, I wish to explain that I don't think that about every person who believes in God is bad or stupid.  My stance is that we really don't and can't make a claim that we have a good understanding of God, and there is no reliable evidence to support it.  In fact, there are many claims that humans make on this planet, that I feel, well, don't hold up much water. Lockness monsters, UFO's, and conspiracy theories come to mind.

But I am not opposed to finding the nature of reality.  I think what causes my anger and frustration is when I see people, who claim in the name of God, to act like they know truth, and then cause large amounts of harm to others. Let's get it out of the way, we all know this isn't everyone. But even the small few makes me question the legitimacy.

In fact, I would say that the leading cause of the evidence that I have to not believe in God, is sometimes the religious and sometimes spiritual people themselves. Not just the scientific evidence.

If I am to believe in something that has great divinity, grace, and love, it's hard to see it's behaviors that range with so much bigotry, hate, and sometimes violence.  It's hard to believe these people would understand God.

They make excuses for things, and tragedies that are completely against what I would perceive to be an all knowing and loving God.

I wouldn't go so far to say that all people who believe in things are crazy or just apeshit.  I think there are some people who genuinely want to be better people, and want to live a life and a path of meaning, and think that religion and spirituality gives them that answer.

I would have to say I can change the tone of the conversation and say, yes, I too want to discover those things.  And as I try to discover more about myself, the reality I live in, the world I live in, it appears more and more that some of these beliefs may just not be correct.

But it doesn't stop me from seeing the message these stories were trying to convey either.  It's not like I don't see how we are trying to understand suffering.  How these stories are our ways to understanding ourselves.

I don't need to prove that Luke Skywalker existed to see the meaning and message behind the story.  And sometimes I feel people want to prove truth more than, well, live it.

In fact, what would it matter if you did prove that Jesus and Muhammed were real?  I still would question it, and why could I not?  Does God have love in his heart to know that I see the pain that his teachings have caused people, and how many lives are effected because prayers are not answered, people are still violently murdered, and he chooses to stand by?

I often wondered what it would be like to watch so many people suffer on this planet, and now, with the internet, we actually do.  We can see our causes and our actions, and how we play a part of this system.  But we really don't understand the system.

Which brings me to the path of discovery.  I am also not opposed to finding the nature of reality, to see if we understand multiple dimensions.  I wouldn't lose any sleep if someone proved spirituality correct.  I think it would be an amazing discovery.  But that discovery has to come from us questioning what it is we think we know, and learning from what we have learned.

I find so many great people in this world, looking to make the world a better place.  They teach us about our minds, our thoughts, our lives.  The universe has so much mystery and awe, that I think people think a "non-believer" can't find that immersed feeling of existence.

I think we should build on our knowledge of what we know.  Is it possible we are all misinterpreting our perception of what we think God is?  Or what the nature of reality?  I think science does an amazing job of trying to understand these big questions.

I am not afraid to question religion or spirituality, because I want to know the truth.  At least the best I can.  But for those really deep seekers, I am willing to have a conversation, but only to a point.  Are you just some asshole that thinks you can preach a bunch of shit, in the hopes I will follow some beliefs that are still not proven to me? Or you a wise man, and willing to be wrong, in the hopes of building a better understanding of life.

I am willing to be wrong, and there are some things I would actually be okay with if I was.  But if there is this "spiritual" life, we really fail to live by example to understand it.  I am only a human.  A human that has the brain he has, and have been open to many ways of thinking.  It is in this time in my life now that I realize that maybe not all ways of believing may be correct.  But it doesn't stop me from exploring new and exciting ways of seeing ourselves and the universe.

Of course I am willing to admit that everything I may think or say maybe wrong.  That is what it means to be a freethinker.