The Importance of Losing Your Religion

There are many people on this planet who suffer.  They run to things like drugs, sex, gambling, and to many other addictive behaviors in order to relieve that suffering.  It’s a form of problem solving, but most don’t realize that it is just a temporary problem solver.

We are looking for a reward system to help us feel good and to feel like we are not out of control.

Sometimes when I see spirituality or religion, I see a lot of the same things.  While there are people who are genuine in their beliefs, I notice a lot of them have not taken the time to understand if the methods they are using to figure out if these things actually solve their problems.  The justify correlation or coincidence with the actually knowledge of the result of why they believe it works.

They make the same remarks that drug users use, in that they think that this temporary fix is solving a underlying problem.

The fear of letting go of that coping mechanism causes serious discomfort and with that, causes more suffering, which causes more fear, which causes people to run away from the problem.

I believe there are better ways of coping with problems and I think that understanding the solutions to the problem will give people more effective ways of dealing with them and to help with the problems and forms of suffering we feel from day to day.

While there are apeshit crazy religious and spiritual people who truly deceive others and create more harm, the goal is to also focus on those who genuinely look to these systems for comfort and guidance, and offer them a better way.

Everybody wishes to be happy and healthy, and although there is no perfect system to protect us from all of that, we have found ways that have helped and advanced us throughout generations to be better and live better lives.

If we continue to focus on the research of the problems instead relying on outdated systems that have not advanced us in society, we can rely less and less on things that don’t work, and on things that will give us the best opportunity to live better lives.