No Country For Ignorant Men.

It's some tough shit to be positive when you suffer, and see others suffer. I see some of the shit Venezuelan people are having to deal with recently, as well as other parts of the world, and I wish to fuck I could say something that makes sense of it.  

I feel like the closest answer I have is that we experience a lot of things in our own lives, with relationships we have with our groups.  Although it is a different scale, the fundamental reasons for our actions, I believe, are a lot the same.  

We think we are separate in our experience, but why do we feel empathy for others if that is the case?  I think there is this delusion of American culture that we got it all figured out, and if the world was like us, everything would be okay.  But we all know the shit that is in our backyards, and we got a lot of skeletons of our own.

Walk through some of the poorest neighbor hoods here, or talk to people effected by drugs and violence, and it doesn't look that different sometimes.  It's this stupid illusion of "separation" of countries and borders that gets in the way of us understanding ourselves and our human behaviors and traits.

We even think we are superior to animals, yet we share a lot of the same characteristics of behavior and traits, and mechanisms as they do.

So what the hell do you say to the so called "smartest" people in the world who run our governments, who fuck up our lives?  My government is fucked up, your government is fucked up.  Our governments bullshit us into believing we should kill each other, and that "those over there" are our enemy.

But you know what I see?  I see that "those over there's governments" as the real problem, and our government is a fucking problem.  I see a lot of people who want the same things I do, and fighting so hard to get them.

I see people fighting for basic needs and survival, and the people with power and money in control of all these so called "leaders".  And I see it in my country too.

The problem is a psychological one.  It's a communication problem, and a lack of understanding of how are systems are broken.  It's a lack of empathy and compassion, and quite frankly, after thousands of years, we still keep fucking it up.

But I have learned that failure is supposed to make one great.  That the most successful people learn from failure.  So why aren't we learning from these failures?  For thousands of years we have been dealing with this shit.

It is only now that we have the ability to call bullshit on our institutions, and reach out to others to get the real story.  But when I look at it deeper and deeper, this isn't just between countries or beliefs.

It's between our families, and friends, and our own social circles.  I mean, you know that even in your own countries, we fight amongst ourselves, and even in our own communities we do so as well.  A husband will kill his wife or kids, the neighbor will be robbed, the co-worker will bring a gun in and shoot people.

This is why I am pulling the veil back on this "illusion" of countries and flags and shit, because that is the excuse to not understand the fundamental nature of a human being.  And even if all of our leaders signed peace treaties tomorrow, what is to stop us from killing or hurting each other in the small groups we know?

This is how hard peace really is.  And while I don't think it's impossible, I think we need to look beyond what the fuck people's perceptions are in order to even get to the core of it.

There is enough angry comments on videos and blogs around the world to prove there is something more wrong than what we think.

I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom, of course, and there is a lot of people trying to fix this problem and do good in the world.  I guess I trying to get to the psychological core and figure out how we can have the right discussion to understand it.

I know many who say “Well, that is just the way the world is”, but they don’t seem to even know what the world even really is, or the mechanism behind it.  

And it doesn’t mean it gets any easier when you watch other people suffer because they don’t.