A Brief Thought

Ok. So here it goes.

The minds eye creates an image of something.  Your mind then constructs the reality for you to solve the problem of the situation; to create the thing you are thinking of. It creates the world you live in.  The environment and what you surround yourself with can also be a factor.  What you believe about yourself can affect the way you think.

So your thoughts create your reality, even though it cannot create all reality.  So is it possible layers of consciousness are frequency harmonics? Can you eventual see your higher self in the high-vibrational frequencies, and notice it is all the same?

Maybe it is not a metaphysical one, but even in our own reality we have different states of feelings and different states of mind.  I listen to peaceful music, I can have a peaceful state of mind.  Well, sometimes.  I can also listen to darker rock, and have a darker state of mind. Not that has to be evil or bad.  Maybe I am just pissed off or very low. Something to relate to.

Everything is vibration, so the frequency that you interpret information causes you to see reality different.  So finding the right frequencies in the right patterns of the right sequence is also hard.

But what does that mean?  Is life a set of music patterns and frequencies? Some say, in some ways yes.  Music patterns are just mathematical algorithms, in different frequencies, that our brain interpret as a song we love or hate.  That makes us think of the past, or dream of the future.  But obviously this is not limited to art, song, or film.  It can be any medium where the vibrational frequencies, such as color, create different patterns and art forms.  We respond to that.  I respond to the beautiful mathematical pattern of Sedona, AZ more than I do with the mathematical pattern of Las Vegas, NV.  

In Sin City, you have a type of programming that goes on there.  They use a lot psychological evaluations to persuade people to gamble and drink.  Somethings we know, like giving alcohol to customers to make them gamble more.  Some are that we don’t know, like giving up people’s personal information when the checked into the hotel to the FBI. When they claimed there was supposed to be a terrorist attack.

It’s a strange world, that very few people really get.  They visit, and think it’s one thing.  But not a lot of people know the price people have to pay to keep that illusion up.  

Money thrown around like it’s nothing. Never mind.  That’s another story. Or better yet, just my perception.

So, could you make art, or better yet, life, that gives people a sense of that so-called “higher” vibrational frequency? I see us do it in negative ways like drugs, sex, gambling, money, etc.  What about positive ways?

Our minds race with thoughts and emotions.  But there are some different emotions that we discover with different frequencies.  Beautiful songs, art, film, music.  People, places, things. These things influence in ways we don’t realize.  They make us think in hyper-real space. But so does all the darker, more painful art. Or desolate places on Earth. I can live in the clouds or crawl through the hell.  If I choose more of the clouds, will that lessen the hell?

Although "clouds" and "hell" could be metaphor to just states of being.  A song, word, situation, can put you in a bad mood.  A trigger to thinking about something, or a program playing in your mind can do so as well.

I believe this is what people were trying to say about heaven and hell. Not a physical location, but a metaphor of the mind.  A way of reaching a state of good.  You have to believe in good.

Can your mind's eye think of peace?  Can you imagine everyone in a state of peace or bliss?  How does that happen when everyone's mind's eye is different? Republican, Democrat, Man,Woman, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, New Age Believer, Atheist, Skeptic? Gay, Straight, American, Everybody else and the hundreds and thousands more categories I would have to go through.  All of us battling it out.  For what? Survival.  Ok.  I mean, I get it.  

I just imagine some people are just as sick of the war, hating fighting, genocide, pain, suffering, and death as me.  I mean, it’s these labels we are killing each other over.  These imagined lines, drawn in the sand.  But it’s serious enough to kill someone over them.  Or hurt them. 

Yes, it is nature.  Terrority, conquer, use resources.  But we developed brains to critically out think our environments.  That’s what we have done, right?Changed our environments? No, we don’t hunt and gather anymore, well, to an extent, (there is an argument for that later) yet it’s the same damn brain trying to think in these new “environments”.  So environments are such an important part of our lives, why do we keep fucking up ours?

What about a better environment? What does that look like? Maybe spirituality wants to see more of a loving, caring, empathetic, compassionate society.  But we all have a different version of that.  Is there really a question or way we can stop this crazy shit?  Or is it the illusion that we think we have control, and we are scared that we don’t.

I always think of the huge amount of change we would have to all face in ourselves if we really, really, really wanted that.  Think of the things we would have to understand, and be, and accept of each other.  What would that look like?  Am I going to really wake up one day and see the Bloods and Crips stop fighting?  Maybe Israel and Palestine?  How about Shiittes and Sunni’s? What about Bill ‘O Reilly and Michael Moore? Maybe your coworker and you? Your friends and you?  Your family and you?

These are all relationship and communication problems.

I am always skeptical of religion and spirituality because the framework sometimes does not add up to the facts.  I can find patterns and correlate all day, but it doesn't mean I can know that answer for certain.  There are others who understand this shit better than I.

People want to believe.  They live there lives thinking these religious and spiritual things are real, yet time and time again, science shows why they are wrong.  I can just look at the world, and know that it is wrong.  Your behavior  does not read like one who would know of an all knowing, all loving, all kind God.  I should know, because I act the same way.  Which goes to show we are just human.  We are all just human, believing in things because we want to believe we have control, and that there is some destination to reach.

Or we all just wanting to act like assholes and kill people, claim to preach God, yet molest little boys, and tell others that they will suffer in hell for not understanding things that are sometimes don’t add up to reality.

But maybe there is a deeper truth.  Maybe underneath all the crazy shit, there is something we can still learn. There is still the possibilities of making our lives better, to be better people.  It’s hard as shit.  You have always seen through out time, those who think outside the box.  Those who wanted things to be different.  Those that changed the way we think and feel about life and reality.  Maybe that is Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad for you.  Maybe it’s Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Carl Sagan, Steven Hawkins, or any of these brilliant scientists that look at our universe, and are discovering new things everyday.  They will tell you how small you really are, they tell you how wondrous and complex the world really is.  They will tell you shit you just don’t understand, but know they are trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s the message of what is being said about us, and how the metaphors relate to our lives and understanding of life.

I don’t think anyone is going to convince me anytime soon that the religious stories on the this planet are true compared to the evidence supported by science, but I am willing to look at them as metaphors of our understanding about ourselves and suffering.

Life is often a paradox.  I am not excluded from that.  I’ll admit, I don’t know.  I think these questions are important to understanding our mind.  And our consciousness.  I could be wrong about everything I just said.

Because what ever consciousness is, it just thought all that. Right or wrong. Or I just smoke too much weed.  It’s still a fascinating thing to know.